Data-Pattern Index

About DPI

Company History

DPI was founded in 2003 to commercialize the Data-Pattern Index™, a patented process which organizes double-entry journal entries into transactional groups to better identify and report such combinations existing in departmental logs. With the Index, managers can quickly find any combination and its frequency of occurrence, thus separating the repetitive from the unusual.

In 2004, DPI launched its first product, the Double-Entry Accounting Journal Entry Index to enhance the understanding, efficiency, and oversight of double-entry accounting functions. The product serves a broad range of professionals in varied aspects of the accounting industry, including audit committees, internal auditors, manageriel accountants and staff and independent CPAs. The Index facilitates their oversight responsibilities and SAS 99 and S-OX 404 and 409 reporting, all of which require awareness of specific changes in accounting process standards.

The product was initially delivered via a dedicated laptop application using the Linux operating system. DPI also introduced an Internet-accessible version through which clients may view secure transaction analysis of their journals via Internet browser. The reduced computer movement required by matrix accounting makes DPI a leader in providing real-time accounting support.

Future products and services are planned to assist accounting professionals and decision-makers in other information-intensive fields, wherein the matrix concept offers significant enhancement of research, regulatory, and judgment functions.


DPI Founder and CEO, Dr. Wesley C. Sampson, CPA, CDP

Dr. Wesley C. Sampson

Dr. Sampson combines 15 years of bookkeeping, audit, tax, and systems consulting experience with management of a 2nd-generation service bureau, as well as many years of university accounting and systems teaching.

Both of his inventions expand the accounting process. His 1971 innovation integrating commodity futures records into the accounting process is used by hundreds of agriculture-related firms. His present invention restores an associative accounting concept which was lost with punched card and relational database processing.

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Developer Dean Z. Douthat

Dean Z. Douthat

Dean Z. Douthat is an accomplished mathematician, scientist and programmer. He, with Edward Lawler, developed Complex Factored Quaternions, the basis for advanced display and analysis of movement. Mr Douthat has conceived methods for NASA space communication and reporting. He was chief engineer for the Apollo Lunar Module. He has also developed an artificial intelligence learning behavior system.

More recently Mr. Douthat has developed real-time databases for a number of usages including eye banks and commercial banks. For Data-Pattern Index, he developed software for building indexes and the backend DPI search engine.